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What To Watch: Week Of September 7
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Happy Labor Day! This week we have the premiere of the new PBS Kids show Elinor Wonders Why, new episodes of Gallery America and Back in Time, and more new programming hitting our primetime schedule.

Elinor Wonders Why

Monday, September 7 | 9:30 am

Elinor Wonders Why centers around Elinor and her friends Ari, a funny and imaginative bat, and Olive, a perceptive and warm elephant. As kids explore Animal Town, they will meet all kinds of interesting, funny, and quirky characters, each with something to teach us about respecting others, the importance of diversity, caring for the environment, and working together to solve problems.

POV: Portraits and Dreams

Monday, September 7 | 9 pm

Portraits and Dreams revisits photographs created by Kentucky schoolchildren in the 1970s and the place where the photos were made. The film is about the students, their work as visionary photographers, and the lives they have led since then, as well as the linkage of personal memory to the passage of time.

NOVA: Human Nature

Wednesday, September 9 | 7 pm

Our DNA can determine attributes from eye color to medical predispositions. An extraordinary technology called CRISPR allows us to edit human DNA, possibly eliminating genetic diseases or choosing our children's features. But how far should we go?

Hacking Your Mind

Wednesday, September 9 | 9 pm

In the new series Hacking Your Mind, viewers will follow host Jacob Ward from the farthest corners of the globe to the inside of your mind as he sets out to discover we are not who we think we are.

Gallery America

Thursday, September 10 | 7 pm

Gallery America will be highlighting Ada based artist Kelly Pennington, who paints "plein air" Oklahoma landscapes.

Back in Time

Thursday, September 10 | 7:30 pm

The Back in Time team hits the road in search of Oklahoma's most important and oddest roadside markers in Back in Time: Roadside History.

The OETA Movie Club

Saturday, September 12 | 9 pm

Postcards from the Edge is a 1990 American comedy-drama directed by Mike Nichols. The screenplay by Carrie Fisher is based on her 1987 semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. The film stars Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, and Dennis Quaid.

Van der Valk

Sunday, September 13 |8 pm

Marc Warren (Beecham House, The Good Wife) stars as steely-eyed cop Piet Van der Valk in an all-new series based on Nicolas Freeling’s legendary crime thrillers.