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OETA is available over the air via digital antenna, Cox Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T and other regional cable providers. Use your provider's channel lookup service to find OETA in your area: Cox Cable | DirecTV.

Streaming options includes the PBS Video app, PBS Kids app, YouTube TV, and live at

Digital Antenna Channel List

Beaver34Eufaula3Oklahoma City13
Boise City20Grandfield10Ponca City38

OETA-HD (x.1), OETA WORLD (x.2), OETA Create (x.3) and PBS Kids (x.4) are available statewide via a digital antenna on the following channels. For example, OETA WORLD in Tulsa can be found at 11.2.

Cox Digital Cable Channel List

Oklahoma CityChannelTulsaChannel
OETA Create113OETA Create1084
PBS Kids114PBS Kids1262

Cox Analog Cable Channel List
Oklahoma City OETA - 14
Tulsa OETA - 11 and 82
OETA Create - 84

How do I watch OETA Live? 
You can watch a live stream of what is being aired on OETA HD from anywhere within the state of Oklahoma, anytime, for free. No sign-up or registration needed. Just go to from your tablet, phone, or desktop and press play. 

What can I do if my cable or satellite provider doesn’t carry an OETA channel I want to watch?
Please contact your local cable or satellite provider to request they carry OETA and its additional channels. All cable and satellite companies are offered OETA’s programming but it is up to each provider to determine if they’ll air OETA and its additional channels.

Why has my signal gone out?
If you watch OETA over-the-air, try relocating your indoor antenna to a window for better reception. If you use an outdoor or attic antenna, try repointing the antenna for improved reception. If you still have issues getting OETA’s over-the-air signal, please call us at (405) 848-8501 during normal business hours (8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m., weekdays) or send us a message through our contact form after hours. If you are a cable or satellite customer, contact your provider about reception issues.

What do I do when there’s a technical problem with the show I’m watching?
Please call (405) 848-8501 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., weekdays) and provide as much detail as possible, such as time, date and show name. If the issue is after hours, please leave a message or submit the issue via our contact form.

My audio seems to come and go depending on the program airing on OETA. How do I fix it?
If one program doesn’t have sound but the next program on the same channel does, it often means the SAP (Second Audio Program) on your remote was accidentally turned on. SAP is also known as MTS (Multiple Television Sound). Your remote control buttons for the television or for your service provider are labeled SAP, MTS, audio sound or language. On most remotes, you simply push the button several times to step through “SAP, Mono” and “Stereo” until you have the desired selection. Other televisions that do not have these buttons on the remote allow you to select the audio language in the menu setting of the television. You can also see your television manual for step by step instructions.

Who is in charge of the program listings I see on my provider’s guide, television or elsewhere?
We send all of our program information to a listing service that then populates most electronic program guides. It is possible for programming changes to happen after a listing service provides electronic program guides to its clients. OETA’s most accurate schedule for all four channels can be found here.

How do I watch PBS KIDS using the PBS KIDS video app?
The PBS KIDS Video app gives kids and parents access to thousands of free videos, including full episodes and clips from top PBS KIDS series. Download for free here.

What happened to my favorite show?
Some shows may be on hiatus due to broadcast rights. Other shows may have been removed from the schedule. Check the A to Z tab on the schedule page for your favorite show.

When will a show re-air?
Check the A to Z tab on the schedule page for your favorite show. By clicking on the show or episode, you can see a description, website information and additional air dates if any are scheduled.

How do I receive a copy of a PBS or OETA program?
Many OETA productions and most national PBS programs are available for purchase. If the show you wish to order is an OETA production, please contact us at (800) 879-6382 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m., weekdays) or fill out our contact form. PBS videos are available online at Shop PBS (ordering through the Shop PBS website supports OETA) or by phone through PBS (1-877-PBS-SHOP). It is a violation of copyright laws for OETA to make a copy or “dub” of a PBS program for you.

How do I turn on closed captioning?
Look for a button on your remote labeled CC. If there isn’t a button on the remote, go into the settings menu on either your television or cable/satellite box. There should be an option to turn captions on or off. For more specific instructions, check with your cable/satellite provider or the user guide for your television. Closed captioning is available on most streaming sites; look for a CC button to turn captions on and off.

Didn’t find the information you need? Try our Programming or Passport FAQs.

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