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About The Lawrence Welk Show

Did you know The Lawrence Welk Show is celebrating over 60 years on national television? No other prime-time show can claim that distinction, and it's still in production!

The Lawrence Welk Show airs each week on 217 public television stations nationally, is seen by more than three million people each week and has more viewers than BET, MTV and VH-1 combined on Saturday nights. According to Nielsen Ratings, The Lawrence Welk Show is the highest-rated syndicated series airing on public television.

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The Lawrence Welk Legacy

Lawrence Welk: Television’s Music Man was the first special produced for public television (1987) and it kicked-off the craze for Welk on public television. Due to its success, Bob Allen brought it to public television nationally on a weekly basis through OETA.

OETA went on to produce 13 Welk specials, including "A Champagne Toast to the Big Bands" (1991), "The Lennon Sisters: Easy to Remember" (1992), "From the Heart: A Tribute to Lawrence Welk and the American Dream" (1993), "The Lawrence Welk Holiday Special: Great Moments & Memories" (1994), "Lawrence Welk: Then & Now" (1995), "A Lawrence Welk Family Christmas" (1995), "From Lawrence Welk: To America with Love" (1997), "Lawrence Welk's Favorite Holidays" (1998), "Lawrence Welk's Songs of Faith" (1999), "Lawrence Welk Milestone & Memories" (2000), "Lawrence Welk: God Bless America" (2003), "Lawrence Welk Precious Memories" (2005) and “The Welk Stars: Through the Years” (2009).

OETA produces the show for national distribution. The wraparounds (host segments featuring the Welk stars) are taped every other year and feature original members from The Lawrence Welk Show introducing that week’s featured show. The stars bring the viewer up-to-date on their lives, their careers, etc. during these wraparounds.

Lawrence Welk died May 17, 1992, but his legacy continues throughout the country.

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