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OETA's Producer's Club

The OETA Producer’s Club is an opportunity for OETA members to take their giving to the next level and strengthen the power of public television for all of Oklahoma. By becoming a member of the OETA Producer’s Club, you will increase the impact of your support for OETA’s mission to provide essential educational content and services that inform, inspire, and connect Oklahomans to ideas and information that enrich all our lives. 

When you give an annual gift of $1,000 or more, you become a member of the OETA Producer’s Club. Producer’s Club members are committed to the award-winning work of OETA and want their generous gifts to make a big impact on public television viewers of all ages. Producer’s Club members also serve as ambassadors for OETA, encouraging others to join this effort to use the power of public television to provide knowledge and understanding throughout Oklahoma. 

Some questions to consider when thinking about becoming an OETA Producer’s Club member:

  • Do you love OETA’s programming?
  • Do you want to make an impact on millions of Oklahomans who utilize OETA services each year?
  • Are you passionate about OETA’s programming and mission enough to significantly increase your annual giving to this public television station?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we would love for you to join OETA’s Producer’s Club. Benefits of joining OETA’s Producer’s Club:

  • Monthly recognition on-air during OETA’s beloved programming (offered to all levels except Star Level)
  • Regular recognition in Odyssey, OETA’s monthly program guide
  • Recognition on the OETA Producer’s Club web page
  • Invitation to exclusive OETA events

Click here for more information about the various giving levels of OETA’s Producer’s Club membership.

For questions, please contact the Vice President of Development for Friends of OETA, Mairead Todd, at 405.841.9215 or

OETA Producer's Club Members

Executive Producer Level Members

  • Marvin and Barbara Jirous of Oklahoma City, OK

Producer Level Members

  • Mary Helen and Gary Buttman Trust of Bartlesville, OK

Director Level Members

  • Beatrix Barr of Dover, OK
  • Cathy and Steve Herrin of Tulsa, OK
  • John and Jane Kenney of Oklahoma City, OK
  • J. Fran Parkhill of Ardmore, OK
  • Monica Wittrock of Edmond, OK
  • Phil and Gayle Anne Roberts of Edmond, OK
  • Barbara J. Klein from Warr Acres, OK

Star Level Members

  • Barbara and John Turner of Tulsa, OK
  • Becky Engle Terhune of Tulsa, OK
  • Bill and Karen Anderson of Holdenville, OK
  • Carol Enkoji and Richard Nelson of Ardmore, OK
  • Charles and Sharon Johnson from Edmond, OK
  • D.R. Cromer of Tulsa, OK
  • Dr. Andrew and Diana Frost of Norman, OK
  • Dr. Dewayne Andrews from Edmond, OK
  • Don and Beverly Davis of Edmond, OK
  • Doris Piatak of Tulsa, OK
  • Forrest W. Underwood from Tulsa, OK
  • Fred and Pat Schonwald, Jr. from Nichols Hills, OK
  • Gay Downing of Bixby, OK
  • Gayle Monahan, Mark and Kristen Ames Lovelace from Oklahoma City, OK
  • Hart and Marty Morris from Coweta, OK
  • Dr. James and Emily Dunagin of Oklahoma City, OK
  • Jean McLaughlin from Oklahoma City, OK
  • Janie and Richard Westbrook from Oklahoma City, OK
  • Jim and Martha Yeats of Tulsa, OK
  • Jo Ellen Rogers of Tahlequah, OK
  • Joan Payne of Oklahoma City, OK
  • John and Sara Morrison of Norman, OK
  • John and Suzie Liljestrand from Oklahoma City, OK
  • Kathy Crews of Oklahoma City, OK
  • Ken and Mary Ann Fergeson from Altus, OK
  • Linda Simonton and Thomas Rueb of Arcadia, OK
  • Lona Barrick from Ada, OK
  • Majors Family Trust of Moore, OK
  • Mary Culver Carlile, MD from Enid, OK
  • Melba and William Dagy of Grove, OK
  • Nanu and Fred Dorwart of Tulsa, OK
  • Renate and Chuck Wiggin of Oklahoma City, OK
  • Richard Lieser of Tulsa, OK
  • Rick and Debe Hauschild from Edmond, OK
  • Sandra and Clifford Shae from Tulsa, OK
  • Scott and Karen Love from Bartlesville, OK
  • Steve Hallgren and Gerry Auel from Stillwater, OK
  • Tony and Marian Moon from Arcadia, OK
  • Vicki Lampley-Dallas and Vina Louise Showers from Oklahoma City, OK
  • Carolyn Kornegay and Wallace Owens from Guthrie, OK
  • Jeff and Melanie DeFehr from Weatherford, OK
  • Dr. Robert and Pamela Spinks from Jones, OK