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General FAQs

How is OETA funded?
OETA is licensed to the state of Oklahoma and operates as a public/private partnership. OETA is supported by both public and private funds. State funds provide for some of OETA's operational expenses, including helping to fund OETA’s extensive statewide network of 18 full-powered transmitters and translator booster stations. OETA is responsible for maintaining the state’s infrastructure for the PBS Warning, Alert and Response Network (WARN) system, which provides a path between the Federal Emergency Management Agency and cellular service providers to relay important emergency information statewide via cellular networks.

Do you use funds you receive from the state of Oklahoma to purchase programming?
No. Programming is purchased through funds raised by our supporting organization, Friends of OETA, Inc., and corporate support endeavors.

Are you hiring?
You can view a list of our current employment opportunities here.

How are members selected to the OETA board of directors?
Six members of the OETA board of directors are appointed by state statute and the remaining seven are appointed by the governor of Oklahoma. You can access the board’s minutes and agendas here.

Who determines what to air on OETA?
OETA maintains full control of programming. We do seek assistance from an outside programming agency for OETA-HD. Local programming aired on OETA World is selected internally. OETA Create and PBS Kids are national feeds and cannot be altered.

Where can I view your programming schedule?
You can view daily and weekly schedule offerings for all four channels here.

How can I contact OETA?
The best and fastest way to contact OETA is through our online contact form. Visit our contact page to learn about other contact methods.

Who do I contact with comments or questions about specific programs?
OETA does not have direct influence over national PBS content. If you wish to submit a comment regarding programs like NOVA, Antiques Roadshow, PBS NewsHour, Frontline, etc… please contact PBS.

How do I receive a copy of a PBS or OETA program?
Many OETA productions and most national PBS programs are available for purchase. If the show you wish to order is an OETA production, please contact us at (800) 879-6382 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m., weekdays) or fill out our contact form. PBS videos are available online at Shop PBS (ordering through the Shop PBS website supports OETA) or by phone through PBS (1-877-PBS-SHOP). It is a violation of copyright laws for OETA to make a copy or “dub” of a PBS program for you.

I’m a teacher. Do I need permission to use PBS programs in my classroom?
Maybe, but probably not. More information here.

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