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New Children's Programming Schedule
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Starting today, we're rolling out a new summer schedule for our children's programming. It features multiple episodes of favorites, including CURIOUS GEORGE, WILD KRATTS and DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD. Yay, double the fun!

(Full disclosure: We receive our programming from a PBS satellite feed, which reduces our flexibility with some of the programs. You'll notice that SID THE SCIENCE KID isn't in the schedule at this time. We're working on being able to add it to the early morning hours starting in mid-June. Also, due to our dependence on the satellite feeds, you might notice that MARTHA SPEAKS and WORD GIRL are behind one day from the PBS national schedule.)


6am       BIZ KID$ -- change from GED CONNECTION

6:30a     WILD KRATTS – change from TV411

7am       CURIOUS GEORGE – no change

7:30a     CURIOUS GEORGE – change from THE CAT IN THE HAT

8am       PEG+CAT – no change

8:30a     DINOSAUR TRAIN – no change

9am       SESAME STREET – no change

10am     DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD – no change


11am     SIGNING TIME! – change from SID THE SCIENCE KID

11:30a   THOMAS & FRIENDS – no change

12n        SUPER WHY! – change from WILD KRATTS

12:30p   CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG – no change

1pm       WILD KRATTS – change from SIGNING TIME!

1:30p     THE CAT IN THE HAT – change from CURIOUS GEORGE

2pm       CURIOUS GEORGE – change from PEG + CAT


3pm       MARTHA SPEAKS – no change

3:30p     ARTHUR – no change

4pm       WORD GIRL – no change

4:30p     WILD KRATTS – no change

If you are a loyal viewer of the OETA Kids Channel (free, over-the-air, 24-hour children's shows), you'll notice that the programming has changed there, too. Most of that channel is directly from the PBS satellite feed. OETA Kids is the x.4 channel if you use an antenna to pick up OETA. It's channel 114 on Cox Cable.