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Coming to OETA: May 30 to June 5, 2014
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Friday, May 30

7pm                       ONR -- Smoking, obesity and lack of health care contribute to shorter life spans for Oklahoma women… Governor Fallin signs a bill that paves the way to repairing the state Capitol building, but questions remain about the cost… We discuss the end of the legislative session with eCapitol News Director Shawn Ashley… President Barack Obama welcomes five Oklahoma second graders to the White House to recognize their science project… The future is dim for the incandescent bulb, as consumers upgrade to more energy efficient technology… Astronaut John Herrington talks about the space program and the new seven-part series, “Oklahomans and Space” in our Newsmaker Interview… In a new movie, “The Hornet’s Nest,” veteran war correspondent Mike Boettcher takes us into the war in Afghanistan… A social media site has become an international sensation for reporting “Oklahoma Facts.” On the 100th anniversary of his birth, Oklahoma celebrates the life’s work of American Indian artist Allan Houser… And, Ted Streuli, Editor of The Journal Record, reviews the week in business.

8:30pm                 CHARLIE ROSE: THE WEEK -- a commemoration of author and poet Maya Angelou.  Plus National Security Advisor Susan Rice on President Obama’s speech at West Point, rapper and filmmaker Nas on his documentary Time is Illmatic, and author George Saunders on the Syracuse University commencement speech that went viral.

9pm                       FRONT AND CENTER “Jack Johnson” – One of my personal favorites! Jack’s simple songs about life, love and the universe, including fan favorites "Better Together," "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" and "As I Was Saying," plus songs from his album From Here to Now to You. Filmed at Jazz at Lincoln Center's The Allen Room. Unfortunately, FRONT AND CENTER does not offer videos of their programs.

Image - MeDocMartinGuys2.jpg10:30pm               DOCTOR WHO “Victory of the Daleks” – Daleks get a makeover. Great combination of WWII history and science fiction. DOC MARTIN’s Ian McNeice (Burt Large) returns as Winston Churchill. I met him once. He wasn’t too excited to meet me, but at least he looked at the correct camera when Joe Absolom (Al Large) and I did not.


Saturday, May 31

7:30am                 SUNUP – Looks at how the recent rain could negatively impact the current Oklahoma wheat crop. Also: Mesonet rainfall totals, soil moisture and the drought index; beef herd expansion; spring and fall calving seasons; wheat prices; how canola is analyzed; managing cattails in ponds; and marketing programs for Oklahoma-based food products.

10am                     BARBEQUE UNIVERSITY – We brought the grill back out last weekend! Martha Stewart will be back in October for new seasons of MARTHA’S COOKING SCHOOL and MARTHA BAKES. Until then, enjoy some outdoor cookin’!

11:09pm               ANNA MAY WONG: IN HER OWN WORDS – The life and career of Anna May Wong, the first Chinese-American movie star, is highlighted. (MASTERPIECE usually airs in this timeslot, but there wasn’t a MASTERPIECE episode fed this week because of the NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY CONCERT.)


Sunday, June 1

6:30am                 START UP – This series offers viewers an up-close and personal look into the world of the modern American entrepreneur, exploring the next generation of American business owners and the dreams that drive them. (RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY moved back to the 1:30pm timeslot.)

7:30am                 ROUGH-CUT: WOODWORKING WITH TOMMY MAC – Tommy travels to historic landmarks to gain design inspiration and then returns to his workshop to demonstrate the steps and techniques needed to create future family heirlooms. (WOODSMITH SHOP will return when the new season is available. According to the information we’re given, the 8th season won’t be available until October.)

8:30am                 LAND DOCTORS “Tar Creek Superfund” -- In this episode, we visit NE Oklahoma to witness the restoration of the Tar Creek Superfund Site by the Quapaw Tribe. In addition, we also see how they are conducting their current businesses in a highly sustainable manner.

12:30pm               OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Capitol Reporters Roundtable” -- We discuss the conclusion of the Oklahoma legislative session and evaluate its impact with state Capitol reporters: Shawn Ashley, News Director, eCapitol… Sean Murphy, Capitol Correspondent, The Associated Press… Randy Krehbiel, Staff Writer, Tulsa World

7pm                       VAN GOGH: PAINTED WITH WORDS -- Benedict Cumberbatch portrays the tormented painter Vincent Van Gogh in this acclaimed docudrama.

8pm                       HOW SHERLOCK CHANGED THE WORLD – As we move from MASTERPIECE CLASSIC to MASTERPIECE MYSTERY in a couple of weeks, this documentary will show us the impact of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes on real-life criminal investigations is explored.


Monday, June 2

8pm                       GRAND CENTRAL STATION: AN AMERICAN TREASURE -- An in-depth look at Grand Central's Beaux-Arts splendor in New York City.

9pm                       EYE ON THE SIXTIES: THE ICONIC PHOTOGRAPHY OF ROWLAND SCHERMAN -- Famed LIFE magazine photojournalist Rowland Scherman captured transformational events of the 1960s.


Tuesday, June 3

7pm                       FORGOTTEN ELLIS ISLAND -- Once a fateful crossroad for immigrants, Ellis Island Hospital is remembered by patients and staff.

8pm                       HALLOWED GROUNDS -- A look at military cemeteries around the world where American military men and women are buried. 

9pm                       OBJECTS AND MEMORY -- People discuss important items recovered from 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Vietnam War.

10pm                     OKLAHOMANS AND SPACE “How it All Started” – This new, seven-part series is a detailed look at America's space program, both by human space flight and by space probes, through the stories of Oklahomans involved in the program. Produced by the Oklahoma Historical Society, this series explores the history of space exploration from the very beginnings through today's events and on into the future. 


Wednesday, June 4

7pm                       NATURE “Outback Pelicans” -- 100,000 pelicans arrive in the largest lake in Australia, which is created every ten years by rain.

8pm                       NOVA “Oklahoma’s Deadliest Tornadoes” -- Scientists and storm survivors of the F5 tornado from May 20th, 2013. We got special permission to air this program. It is no longer within rights and the video is no longer available for purchase. It will repeat tomorrow night on OKLA, then again on the main channel this Saturday, June 7 at 3pm and Sunday, June 8 at 11am.

9pm                       EARTH SONGS -- Pristine and beautiful places around the world are highlighted with an enchanting musical score. (This program was produced as a pledge special. It is only available as a gift for becoming an OETA member at the video level.)

10pm                     HOLLYWOOD FOX -- Follows the adventures of a clan of kit foxes who make their home on the outskirts of Hollywood.


Thursday, June 5

7pm                       EXPLORE ADA -- For more information about this series, go to the city of Ada’s website.

8pm                       MIDSOMER MURDERS “Death in Disguise, Part 2” -- One of the founders of a new-age commune is mysteriously murdered in front of a roomful of people.

9pm                       DOC MARTIN “The Tameness of a Wolf” -- Ruth is invited on Radio Portwenn and attracts an admirer. Doc and Louisa find a replacement nanny.

10pm                     DEATH IN PARADISE “An Unholy Death” -- When a young nun is found dead in her smoke-filled bedroom, DI Richard Poole takes the case.