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Award-Winning POV Documentary 306 Hollywood Explores the Afterlife of Possessions
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When we finally leave this world, what do we leave behind? Our children? Memories carried by our loved ones? But, what about the things we owned? This is the question the award-winning documentary POV: 306 Hollywood attempts to answer.

Called a “magical-realist documentary,” 306 Hollywood, airs 8 p.m., Monday, March 18 on OETA.

This documentary follows two sibling film makers, Elan and Jonathan Bogarin, as they undertake an archeological excavation of their late grandmother’s small home, located at 306 Hollywood, Newark, N.J. 

Through home video interviews the siblings conducted with their late fashion designer grandmother, Annette, during a ten-year period before her death, the two embark on a journey that not only encompasses the grief of losing a loved one, but also a celebration of their life.

From New Jersey, the siblings travel to Rome, Italy, to visit an actual archeological dig for guidance and inspiration. The Bogarin’s employ the help of curators, archivists and physicists to comb through clothes, collections of loose change and dust-covered tchotchkes in search of what life remains in the object we leave behind.

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