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Wild Kratts: A Creature Christmas Returns to OETA
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On Friday, December 23, PBS KIDS continues a full slate of holiday programming with the premiere of WILD KRATTS: A CREATURE CHRISTMAS. In this hour-long movie event, the Kratt Brothers race to return disappearing baby animals to their families in time for Christmas. WILD KRATTS: A CREATURE CHRISTMAS is a classic and a holiday event for the whole family.

“The Kratt Brothers’ adventures in nature encourage children to learn about and explore the world around them,” said Lesli Rotenberg, General Manager, Children’s Media, PBS. ”We know that families love WILD KRATTS, so we are excited to debut a new movie that families can enjoy together during this special time of year.”

Produced by the Kratt Brothers Company and 9 Story Media Group, WILD KRATTS transforms Martin and Chris Kratt, creators of the award-winning KRATTS’ CREATURES and Emmy-winning ZOBOOMAFOO, into animated versions of themselves, allowing the real-life zoologists to visit wild animals in their little-seen habitats and showcase key science concepts along the way. The series airs daily on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).

“In WILD KRATTS: A CREATURE CHRISTMAS, we showcase a variety of creature powers, helping our viewers discover that animals can help them explore many different science concepts,” said Chris Kratt, co-star, co-creator and co-executive producer of WILD KRATTS. “Kids will also learn about conservation of wildlife from the special, as the Wild Kratts team races against the clock to rescue baby animals and return them safely home,” added Martin Kratt, co-star, co-creator and co-executive producer of the series.

In this one-hour special, it’s Christmas time and the Wild Kratts are taking a break from creature adventuring to celebrate. But when the Wild Kratts receive an alert that their favorite creatures are suddenly disappearing around the globe, their holiday party quickly turns into a rescue mission. The Wild Kratts must race against time to thwart their greedy archrivals’ most miserly scheme yet! Will they be able to travel to the ends of the earth and return their baby animal friends to their homes in time for the holidays?