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This Isn't the Death of "Death in Paradise"
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Last week, we saw Season 4 of DEATH IN PARADISE come to an end as D.I. Humphrey's dad tried to take him back to England. He eventually realized that Saint Marie needs his son and he let him stay. Whew!

So, what happens next?! Well, we don't know. That's all of the episodes that the BBC has made so far. We could go back and relive all the mysteries again while we wait for Season 5. Instead, we're taking this opportunity to bring you two short British series that we think you'll like.

THE FORSYTE SAGA (13 episodes) -- This 2002 dramatic miniseries chronicles three generations of the Forsytes, an upper middle-class family in Victorian and later Edwardian England. Starring Damian Lewis, Gina McKee and Amanda Root.

SHETLAND (8 episodes) -- A murder mystery set against the stunning Scottish backdrop of theShetland Isles. Starring Douglas Henshall.

Due to the gritty nature of these two series, we needed to keep them in the late evening hours. And since we just finished airing the final episode of DEATH IN PARADISE, it seemed a natural fit to plug them in on Thursdays at 10pm this summer.

Enjoy them while you can, and then when the weather starts to get chilly again, we'll head back to the island of Saint Marie and back to more Death in Paradise.