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The Violence Paradox Examines the Perception of Peace
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Everyday it seems the news is the same; war, genocide, mass shootings. But, are things as bad as they seem? That’s the question posed in the new episode of NOVA: The Violence Paradox, premiering at 8 p.m., Nov. 20 on the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA).

Despite all the violence we hear about, we may be living in one of the most peaceful periods in human existence. Could it be that physical violence has been in decline for centuries? And, can it be prevented ― or, is it simply human nature?

The Violence Paradox embarks on a journey through history, and the human mind, to explore what triggers violence and how it may have decreased through time. From a Kenyan archaeology site to modern laboratory experiments, researchers trace the social and neurobiological roots of human violence.

This episode of NOVA examines how forces like income equality and personal contact may curb violence in modern societies and how, in places like Baltimore, Maryland, violence “interrupters” treat violence like a contagious disease.

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