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The Magic of Fairies: Oklahoma City’s Theater Upon a StarDanceSwan
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What inspired this story?
Modern Dance. What is it and why is it important?  We wanted to see how dancing can transform children as they learn to be creative and authentic to themselves through improvisation, imagination and focus. 


Image \u002D StarDanceSwan Lorrie.jpg


Founder and Artistic Director of Theater Upon a StarDanceSwan, Lorrie Keller, makes this possible every year for many students. They recreate themselves into magical fairies and perform at the annual Fairy Ball in Oklahoma City.

Lorrie is influenced by the music of her youth. Gypsy, Cabaret and Classical music was all she ever heard while growing up and now she has brought this music back through her dance company for all to enjoy.


Image \u002D StarDanceswan gypsy group.jpg


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Watch as children from The Theater Upon A StarDanceSwan prepare and show off their dance creations at the Paseo Arts Festival, in this Gallery episode that aired on 6/9/2005.

To learn more about the dance classes offered by StarDanceSwan, visit them here: