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Rick Sinnett Finishes Rocktown Mega Mural
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For Rick Sinnett bringing giant art to the people on Oklahoma City’s Rocktown walls has been an ongoing process; and the Gallery staff has been following Sinnett and his project for over 2 years. Witnessing Sinnett’s last brushstrokes was a surreal and rewarding experience.  


 Image \u002D Rick sinnett web1.jpg

Rick Sinnett’s “This Land” mural is now complete and towering about 100 feet in the air facing OKC’s Bricktown. The massive mural is a delight to the eye with its neon colors and intricate design and everyone who passed by had to take a picture or stop and marvel at the art. Sinnett and his crew battled heat, cold and the Oklahoma wind to stencil and paint the mural while suspended from window washing scaffolding.

If you haven’t yet seen the mural it’s definitely worth the ride to go see it. Look for this story to premiere on Gallery in January and see all the details behind the man himself, the mega mural, and the community support that made it all possible.