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OKC Improv
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Everyone plays pretend as a child & who hasn’t wondered “what if” about a seemingly impossible scenario? Like, what if “The Hulk” joined the cast of “Sleeping Beauty,” or what if “Sasquatch” was shopping in the grocery store? OKC Improv takes many farfetched ideas and brings the scene to life… ON The SPOT! The result is truly hilarious! OKC Improv showcases the best local and regional improvisational comedy and theater. They are also a non-profit community arts organization dedicated to building a thriving improv scene in the State.

OKC Imrov is comprised of several improv groups that have worked independently for years and now work together to promote improv statewide. “By providing ongoing publicity, top quality education programs and frequent performance opportunities, OKC Improv has directly contributed to the growth of the Oklahoma improv scene. In the past 22 months, the number of active performance groups in the metro has increased from 5 to 35 with the promise of more groups and projects to be developed during the course of the next year” -OKC Improv website. 

One of these groups are twin brothers Buck and Clint Vrazel who have been performing and teaching improv for 14 years and were co-founders of and performers with O.U Improv!, Red Dirt Improv and are co-creators and current members of Twinprov, The Ones Your Mother Warned You About, Fortune's Fools, and Villain: The Musical. Buck and Clint have performed and taught at theaters and festivals in Chicago, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Austin, Kansas City, Dallas, Detroit, Springfield, Tulsa, and Honolulu.

Check out OKC Improv in their Fall showcase Septemberfest, which begins September 11 and runs through October 11. For more information go to

Catch this segment premiering in October to watch these ad-libbing actors make up all their scenes on the spot!