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Movie Making 101 - Oklahoma Teens In Action
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They were participating in the Dead Center Film Boot Camp for Kids at the City Arts Center in Oklahoma City. The center is now the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center.

What inspired this story?

The fact that a Hollywood personality was interested in hanging out with kids from Oklahoma. COOL!

Image \u002D sunspots Fall hollywoodpics.jpg


Timothy Fall played different characters on many shows. He was willing to share all that he knew about movie making with these eager teens. Gallery went behind the scenes to see how well they did. 

It was fun watching the participantsas they collaborated on their very first movie. Timothy was great at teaching and illustrating that it is easy to use your imagination and inner thoughts to create just about anything.

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Our OETA Gallery crew did such a fantastic job that we won a Heartland Emmy award for this documentary. AWESOME!!!

This Gallery episode aired on  9/13/2009

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