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How Hot Was It?
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Ok, I'm not gonna lie, this shoot was a tough one for me. (Honestly, Carlos and Kaci didn't much care for it either.) The thing is, I don't like being hot. Anything over 85 degrees is uncomfortable. Anything over 95 should be illegal. The day we shot this segment about heat haze it was 98 degrees (with a heat index around 102). That is inappropriately hot.

Even worse was the temperature of the asphalt. The asphalt on which I chose to sit. See, in order to get a really good look at heat haze, you want there to be a big difference between the temperature of the ground and the air just above it. That means there will be a greater difference in the refractive index between the hot air and the cooler air, and the waviness will be EXTRA crazy. 

Carlos (my cameraman, and collector of super-cool gadgets) had a laser thermometer with him and measured the temperature of the road. It was over 140 degrees!!! 

I guess that explains the sizzling I was hearing... OUCH!