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Gallery America #204
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Work by Kelli Folsom
Kelli Folsom

November is about family and coming home. That’s why I’m excited for the premier of our November offering. The entire program is dedicated to Oklahoma artists, our family.

Image - Programming_GA_skip hill.jpg

As the producer I had a hard time deciding who to feature. We only have so much time, which means I fight a constant battle between trying to share as many stories as I can while still taking enough time to tell each story well, but calls had to be made.In the end, ourteam unanimously agreed on the final choices, stories that all contained a sense of joy and warmth.

Image - Programming_GA_trent lawson.jpg

We’ll work through the night with collage artist Skip Hill who says no matter how he feels his work ends up being happy.  We’ll catch a sunrise with Edmond oil painter Kelli Folsom who is fascinated by light and how it changes a scene as it moves. Oklahoma City’s Trent Lawson is just plain old fun on canvas.  He paints pop culture mash-ups on black velvet, giving the retro medium a funky new life and then, we finish things off with a smile in bronze from Tulsa sculptor Rosalind Cook who’s larger than life work is scattered around the world, even in the Vatican.

Image - Programming_GA_Rosalind Cook.jpg

There’s a lot to be thankful for in November on Gallery America. I hope you join us for our premier November 3rd at 7:00 pm on OETA.