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Gallery America Lets Art Happen with Tulsa Painter Cynthia Brown
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Though it takes talent, painting a still life is a matter of observing the subject, then replicating the subject on canvas. Abstract art however, is more of a journey of discovery. Beginning with a blank canvas, the artist allows the piece to present itself. That’s how Cynthia Brown creates her abstract paintings, by letting the process unfold. And the results are beautiful.

On the October episode of Gallery America, producer Susan Cadot introduces us to an Oklahoma abstract artist Cynthia Brown. The October episode of Gallery America premieres at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 3.

According to Brown, she begins each piece without any preconceived idea of what the finished painting will look like. The entire process unfolds and the painting reveals itself to her. In a way, Brown excavates the painting from the blank canvas, as if it was there all along.

“Experiencing Cynthia’s work, it’s as if you can feel the emotions that go into each piece,” said Cadot.

Brown, who was honored with a Tulsa Artist Fellowship from the George Kaiser Family Foundation, breaks down barriers with her talent, emotions and training. Before becoming an artist full-time, she taught art in a Tulsa high school for ten years.

Join Gallery America this month and see the art of Cynthia Brown come to life.

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