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Gallery America Features Holly Wilson

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Little pieces of bronze and clay sculpted into little feelings of hope and heartache—they expand across a wall reaching wide. Look closely and you'll see the struggle, but stand back for a wider view and you'll see the hope.

This is the artistic voice of Mustang sculptor, Holly Wilson. Her anthropomorphic figures surrounded by birds or paper airplanes or bombs or fish or by other people tell a story unique to her and common to all.

Join Gallery America in April for an close uplook at the far reaching message and methods of Holly Wilson in "The Sacred and The Precious."

Airdates include:

  • April 6, 7 pm - OETA HD
  • April 8, 9 pm - OKLA
  • April 20, 7 pm - OETA HD
  • April 22, 9 pm - OKLA
  • April 30, 11 am - OETA HD
  • May 4, 7:30 pm - OETA HD
  • May 6, 9:30 pm - OKLA