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Doc Martin Season 7
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Why is OETA showing more reruns of Doc Martin?

Where are the new episodes?

Are you holding out on us?

These are questions we get asked daily.

Believe me, if we had new episodes, we would air them. We want to see them, too! Almost the entire OETA staff and their families love the series just as much as you do.

The delay in new episodes is due to the fact that there aren't any new episodes. Not yet. Season 7 is just now being filmed in the UK. They'll be released in the UK first (perhaps in the fall?), and then they'll be released in the US (perhaps next spring?). We'll just have to wait.

In the meantime, here are some photos from a friend who visited the Doc Martin set a couple of weeks ago in Port Isaac. He shot several interviews with the cast and crew that I hope will be used for a behind-the-scenes special in the future.


Here's what I've heard so far about Season 7... There will be eight episodes. We'll see Aunt Ruth facing a medical issue. Bert will do Bert-like things to try making some quick money. Al will open a bed and breakfast. And Portwenn's police department goes high-tech by letting Officer Penhale get a taser. (Penhale is my favorite character. I can't wait for that episode!)

I was immediately hooked on Doc Martin when I screened it several years ago for possible broadcast on OETA. I watched what I could at work, then hid from my family that weekend so I could binge on the last few episodes. My home computer was old and my internet connection was slow, but I couldn't wait until the next week. I wanted to watch them all right then. So I understand your excitement about Season 7. I feel it, too. 

As you may know, ITV is in charge of the production and release of the series in the UK. But PBS stations like OETA don't work directly with ITV to get the show. We have a distributing company, American Public Television (APT), do the work for us. They handle the negotiations and video conversion and all of the complex details that go into bringing a UK show to the US. If you'd like to keep up with the latest from APT and see more behind-the-scenes photos, follow them on Facebook or Twitter. I get a lot of my information from their social media posts, and now you can, too! They are very entertaining.