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Coming to OETA: May 23 to May 29, 2014
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Friday, May 23

7pm                       ONR -- Lawmakers approve a new budget for state government, slashing appropriations for most agencies, while boosting education funding… The new state budget features a number of maneuvers designed to make the math work out in a lean budget year… In an ONR Extra, legislators debate a change in the tax incentive subsidy for oil and gas producers… StateImpact Oklahoma’s Joe Wertz discusses how State Question 640 has affected Oklahoma’s economic policy and financial viability… The city of Moore rebuilds and remembers the lives lost when a massive tornado struck the city one year ago… Oklahoma craft brewers serve a new generation of beer drinkers while boosting the state’s economy… Farmers brace for one of the most disappointing wheat harvests in state history… We discuss news from the capitol with eCapitol News Director Shawn Ashley… And, Ted Streuli, Editor of The Journal Record, reviews the week in business.

9pm                       CHRIS ISAAK: LIVE BEYOND THE SUN – Chris Isaak performs his hits from the Austin City Limits stage. Don’t miss special guest, Oklahoma native and legend, Wanda Jackson.

10:30pm               DOCTOR WHO “The Beast Below” – This episode is interesting in that it’s the first adventure away from home for the new Doctor and his companion. But what’s even more interesting (at least to me) is that it’s an entire country living on a spaceship after the earth was destroyed. The thing powering the spaceship is the main focus of the episode. Again, if you’d like more information about why we’re going back in time to the beginning of the 11th Doctor, read my blog post here.


Saturday, May 24

6am                       NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BEE -- Fourth- to eighth-graders compete in the annual National Geographic Bee hosted by Soledad O'Brien.

7:30am                 SUNUP --  Returning to OSU's North Central Research Station at Lahoma to discuss wheat variety development during drought, wheat disease detection and nitrogen management for crops. Also: Mesonet weather includes consecutive days without measurable rainfall, this week’s 100 F temperatures, plant water demand and the latest drought monitor; an overview of the practice of sustainable agriculture; storage methods for round hay bales; grain grading school; wheat prices; and how to remove a plastic flywheel from a small engine.

10am                     BARBEQUE UNIVERSITY – Memorial Day Weekend means the return of summer, and during the summer months, we grill! Outdoor grilling programming will continue in the 10am timeslot until this fall when Martha Stewart will return with a new series of MARTHA BAKES.

8pm                       OKLAHOMA FOUNDATION FOR EXCELLENCE – Annual awards ceremony for Oklahoma students and teachers who are Academic All-Staters and Medal for Excellence winners. (90min) 

9:30pm                 OETA MOVIE CLUB “Some Like it Hot” – Begins half an hour later this evening due to the 90min special at 8pm.


Sunday, May 25

8:30am                 LAND DOCTORS “Hugelkultur” – Making raised beds with rotten wood 

12:30pm               OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Extreme Weather” -- We discuss Oklahoma's extreme weather and the science behind climate change, with experts: Gary McManus, State Climatologist… Al Sutherland, OSU Mesonet Agricultural Coordinator… Harold Brooks, Senior Research Scientist, National Severe Storms Laboratory

11am                     BACK IN TIME “Oklahoma Coal” – A look back at our state’s history when coal was king and Oklahoma had plenty. (Premiere date: 5/15/14)

11:30am               STATELINE “Thunderbirds” – A look at the Oklahoma Army National Guard 45th Infantry division and the museum dedicated to preserving the work of the Thunderbirds.

4pm                       SMART TRAVELS WITH RUDY MAXA – We’ve aired all of the new episodes of this series. We’re starting back over with the first ones.

7pm                       NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY CONCERT -- An all-star line-up performs with the National Symphony Orchestra to honor American soldiers. Talent expected to include: American Idol winner Caleb Johnson, Jackie Evancho, Megan Hilty and Jennifer Nettles. (90min) 

8:30pm                 NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY CONCERT – So nice, we’re airing it twice.


Monday, May 26 – Memorial Day

8pm                       OKLAHOMA WWII STORIES -- Presents the personal, compelling and emotional stories of courage and sacrifice from Oklahoma’s World War II veterans.

9pm                       DEATH AND THE CIVIL WAR: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE -- Key battles and the immense implications of the Civil War's staggering death toll are explored.


Tuesday, May 27

7pm                       COMING BACK WITH WES MOORE “Moving Forward” – Part 3 of 3 -- The drive that veterans often have of finding a new mission after returning from war is showcased.

8pm                       D-DAY 360 -- LiDAR technology is used to re-create the landscape of the D-Day invasion during World War II.

9pm                       FRONTLINE “Ukraine & Syria” -- Personal and dramatic footage reveal a look inside the raging battle zones of Ukraine and Syria. (Viewer discretion is advised.)

10pm                     THE NEW ENVIRONMENTALISTS -- Passionate activists who are fighting for environmental justice in their communities. 

10:30pm               HELL IN THE HEARTLAND – One tornado after another tears through Oklahoma changing lives forever. However, out of the ashes, the legendary Sooner spirit rises again. (This is not available for purchase. The video can be viewed online here.)


Wednesday, May 28

7pm                       NATURE “American Eagle” – NATURE is back to 7pm on Wednesdays! Woohoo! Tonight, the drama of the bald eagle's nest is captured by Emmy-winning cinematographer Neil Rettig. 

8pm                       NOVA “D-Day’s Sunken Secrets” – Dive teams and underwater robots discover Allied crafts that sank during the invasion of Normandy. (2 hours)

10pm                     DAYTON CODEBREAKERS – The U.S. Navy turned to the National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio, to design and build code-breaking machines during WWII.


Thursday, May 29

7pm                       BACK IN TIME “Oklahoma Coal” – A look back at our state’s history when coal was king and Oklahoma had plenty. (Premiere date: 5/15/14)

8pm                       MIDSOMER MURDERS “Death in Disguise, Pt. 1” – One of the founders of a new-age commune is mysteriously murdered in front of a roomful of people.

9pm                       DOC MARTIN “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” – Martin and Louisa host a disastrous dinner party and Morwenna advertises for a lodger.

10pm                     DEATH IN PARADISE “A Murder on the Plantation” – Poole investigates when the owner of a former sugar plantation is found with a machete in his back.