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Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip
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Unfortunately, the harsh world of winter weather has taken its toll on Williamsburg, Virginia. Today's Electronic Field Trip had to be cancelled. The backup plan is to uplink a previous version of "Harsh World, This World" for schools who still wish to see the production. Colonial Williamsburg planned to send an email to all registered schools alerting them to this change. 

We hope a new version of this field trip can be presented soon and will answer questions submitted by students of registered schools. As soon as we know of a rebroadcast, we'll post information here for the unregistered schools who do not receive emails from Colonial Williamsburg. 

Even if the producers do not reschedule the "Harsh World" field trip, we still plan to air the new, live field trip "Civil War Ironclads" on March 13, 2014. The North and South are both building armored, steam-powered warships. Who will win the race? And what will life aboard one of these "ironclads" be like? It's the epic battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack on the next Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip!