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Changes Ahead...
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Beginning Friday, July 11 at 7pm, ONR will air as a 30-minute program that will also be available online.

Managing Editor Dick Pryor and his team are developing a newscast strategy that will be designed to provide broadcast viewers and digital users meaningful Oklahoma content, value-added resources and an enhanced educational experience. On Fridays, ONR will be followed by Washington Week with Gwen Ifill at 7:30pm. PBS Arts programming (Great Performances, concert specials, etc.) will air starting at 8pm.

Other programming changes include: Charlie Rose: The Week is moving to Sunday afternoons at 12:30pm and beginning Sunday, July 13, Oklahoma Forum will return to 1pm. Also in response to viewer demand, The McLaughlin Group will move back to Sundays at 1:30pm. Here's a full schedule of the new Sunday afternoon lineup which will take effect starting July 13:

12 Noon   Washington Week with Gwen Ifill
12:30 PM Charlie Rose The Week
1:00 PM   Oklahoma Forum
1:30 PM   McLaughlin Group
2:00 PM   ONR 
2:30 PM   Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
3:00 PM   Oklahoma Horizon
3:30 PM   Oklahoma Gardening
4:00 PM   Travel programming