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Art and Hip Hop is Alive and Kicking in Oklahoma
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What motivated the story?
Oklahoma mixed media artist sees old magazines, newspapers, any print paper as a resource for his art. We were mesmerized by his capacity to bring pieces of paper to life into a unique collection of artwork that showcases around the globe.

Interesting aspects of filming Skip.
The crew went out at night to film at Skip’s studio. It was interesting to see how Skip uses color to find inspiration for his artwork. Working through the night gives him a better sense of what his ideas can be. The most interesting part was his bird art collection and how the bird series continues to evolve as he himself evolves.

Li'l Mike and Funny Bone - Hip Hop Artists

Put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care….
An Oklahoma Hip hop duo get creative with their captivating and modern hip-hop and rap tunes that engage young people and inspire them to dream big. Their message to young people is you can live a good and rewarding life without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Interesting aspects from filming with Mike and Bone.
The crew had to postpone filming Li’l  Mike and Funny Bone a couple of times as they went off to try out for the music TV show, America’s Got Talent, Season 8, Week 5.

They got through to the Las Vegas round but unfortunately did not get to go on. This however made them a local hit in Oklahoma as well as a hit within the Native American Nations across the country. They are currently the best Hip Hop duo. They are available for gigs on demand.

We featured both artists on a Gallery show that aired 04/11/2013.

 Check out Skip Hill's work:
 Check out Mike and Bone:  or here: