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All-New Oklahoma News Report
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Starting Friday, October 16 at 7 p.m., The Oklahoma News Report expands its weekly newscast to a full hour.

“OETA’s long-time executive director, Bob Allen, understood the need for a statewide newscast in Oklahoma,” says Polly Anderson, current OETA executive director. “In 1980, OETA’s news program, The Oklahoma Report, first aired. That same year Allen said, ‘In many areas of the state, The Oklahoma Report is the only Oklahoma-based public service newscast people can receive. Our goal is to keep our viewers as fully informed as possible.’ As we celebrate the program’s 40th anniversary, we are honored to continue the legacy of providing the same valued information across the state—although we now call our program The Oklahoma News Report.”

In addition to its regular reporting, the new format features a segment called "InDepth" composed of a panel discussion hosted by Susan Cadot, OETA's VP of Production with the state’s top thought leaders, journalists and investigative reporters. In its inaugural episode, InDepth guests include Frank Keating (former governor), David Walters (former governor) and Scott Mitchell (Oklahoma political analyst). The program will also launch a new logo, graphics and set. For 40 years, The Oklahoma News Report has served as Oklahoma’s only statewide newscast. Viewers continue to tune-in for an extensive exploration of relevant news and current affairs. As OETA’s local news program, The Oklahoma News Report is Oklahoma’s widest source for member-supported, independent journalism.

“It is certainly a highlight of my thirty-eight year career in television news to have the opportunity to expand and in some ways reimagine The Oklahoma News Report, while still honoring the foundation and integrity of the newscast that has been built over the last forty years”, says Rich Lenz, OETA news director. “I think our viewers will appreciate the new look and energy of the newscast and now, they’ll have twice as much content to enjoy.”

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