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New Episode of "Back in Time" Explores Oklahoma's Wagon Road History

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – OETA’s award winning program “Back in Time” is excited to announce their upcoming episode "Digging the Wagon Road". The episode centers around Art Peters, curator of the Hinton Historical Museum, who has spent years scouring backyards and farmer's fields across Oklahoma for rusted bits of metal left behind by emigrants in the late 1800s as they searched for a faster route to the California gold rush. Countless travelers and their wagon trains cut through the middle of Oklahoma, and the campsites they left behind still hold stories of courage, tragedy, and romance.

Producer Robert Burch expressed excitement about discovering this little-known history, stating, "I never knew there was a wagon trail that cut through Oklahoma. We're excited to find a historian who is following that trail and digging for things left behind at the campsites of those emigrants headed to the California gold rush."

Art Peters, President of the Hinton Historical Museum Board of Directors, called the documentary a dream come true, saying, "I have had a long-time goal to someday make a documentary of my own on this same subject, but mine could never have compared to the professionalism and level of quality that OETA have accomplished."

Viewers can expect a fascinating exploration of Oklahoma's wagon road history and the stories that lie hidden beneath the surface. Tune in to OETA on Thursday, April 13 at 7:00 p.m. or live stream at to watch "Digging the Wagon Road."

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Back in Time

Digging the Wagon Road


Art Peters uncovers the pieces of a little known wagon trail across Oklahoma.