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Tulsa County Sheriff Resigns
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A grand jury has indicted Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz on two misdemeanors as part of an investigation into his office following a volunteer deputy's fatal shooting of an unarmed man in April.

The grand jury's findings announced Wednesday also recommended that Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz be removed from office. Shortly after the indictment was made public, Glanz announced through his attorney that he was resigning the office of Sheriff.  A specific date was not announced. 
The panel accused Glanz of refusing to perform his official duties for not promptly releasing documents as part of an internal investigation of volunteer deputy Robert Bates, one of Glanz's longtime friends.
The grand jury also accused Glanz of willful violation of the law in an unrelated incident involving a stipend he received for a vehicle.

The grand jury report listed eight recommendations for more accountability in the Sheriffs Office iincluding a more autonomous internal affairs division and improved adherence to office policies.