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State Officials Faceoff Over Impending Audits
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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Oklahoma's attorney general and state auditor are at loggerheads over whether the state attorney general's office should be allowed to select its own independent auditor.
An assistant attorney general says Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt's office isn't opposed to being audited, but believes State Auditor Gary Jones may have a conflict and the office has been taking bids for an independent auditor.
Jones says attorneys in Pruitt's office were upset by comments he made about their recent office expansion. Jones says he thought the remarks were innocuous.
Attorneys in Pruitt's office say Jones' critical comments could infer a conflict, and note that it is common for agencies to seek independent audits.
Jones maintains he is legally required to perform an audit on Pruitt's office and plans to go forward with an audit later this month.
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