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Oklahoma’s only statewide news broadcast, the Oklahoma News Report (ONR), airs 7 p.m. CST, every Friday night on the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA). This award-winning broadcast offers an in-depth exploration of news and issues affecting all Oklahomans.

Some of the stories covered on this week’s Oklahoma News Report include:

  •  Three of Oklahoma’s top economists taking part in the annual “State of the Economy” event will give their view of the state’s current economic condition, along with some predictions of what the future may hold. This event provides insight for business owners, legislators and Oklahomans who are wanting to know if a real economic recovery is underway.
  • Governor-elect Kevin Stitt will have some personal business decisions to make in the weeks ahead. Stitt is the first person elected to the Governor’s office whose experience is solely in the private sector. Divesture and whether to release his income tax returns are just two of the financial moves ahead for Oklahoma’s new Governor-elect.
  • A host of newly elected members of the Oklahoma House and Senate will take their oaths of office this week. They then begin the Process of learning the ropes of their new elected positions.

Join us Friday night for these and other stories, business news and more on ONR.

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