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Education Rankings Give Oklahoma a "D+"
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Oklahoma ranked 46th in the nation with a grade of “D+” in an annual national report released today that measures states on academic performance and outcomes across a detailed range of criteria.

 Oklahoma’s overall score of “D+” in the 20th edition of Education Week’s Quality Counts was below the national score of “C” and the same grade received last year. Although Oklahoma gained two positions in the overall rankings since last year, it scored higher than only five states — Alabama, Idaho, New Mexico, Mississippi and Nevada.

 State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister issued the following statement in response to the report’s findings:

 “This report is not a surprise. We will not see anything different until we do something different. The Quality Counts report is a stark reminder that we cannot progress in education without a full commitment to a better plan and the resources to execute it. We need to connect and empower the best parts of our education system to reach the full promise and potential of Oklahoma schoolchildren."