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Parents as Partners
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Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) is excited to announce Parents as Partners, a parent and teacher resource developed by OETA’s Ready to Learn program. Parents as Partners provides educators with a toolkit allowing schools to hold their own event encouraging parents and children to learn together. This event toolkit contains all the necessary information and planning resources as well as a wide variety of STEM and literacy curriculum activities.

This new feature from Ready to Learn empowers educators with resources reinforcing family involvement in education and promotes learning outside of the traditional classroom setting. “This exciting new approach ignites children’s imaginations and involves parents in the learning process,” said Cindi Leiter, program manager at OETA. “We’ve worked hard assembling these resources and this curriculum. I’m excited to see how it will be used throughout the state! Additionally, the school with the most participants will win the opportunity to have their school visited by one of our beloved PBS KIDS characters.”

Ready to Learn materials are made available to parents of children in public, charter or home schools. Additional resources are made available to Oklahoma’s public school teachers who participate in the program. Click here to learn more about Ready to Learn.

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