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Road Trip Back In Time For Some Oklahoma Roadside History
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From Indian heritage and Civil War battles to world-class athletes and ballerinas, all of these are commemorated by historical markers throughout the state. Regardless of where you live in Oklahoma, there is some roadside history near you. After watching this episode, take an Oklahoma roadside history trip for yourself, using the mapped out road trip itinerary below.

Host Robert Burch starts the most recent episode of Back in Time: Roadside History, by saying, "Anyone who's interested in history should never have to leave the boundaries of Oklahoma. Our history is the boldest - and in many ways - the most exciting of any of the states."


The anchor from the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) is now permanently on display at Campbell Park, a small patch of land at 13th Street and N. Broadway Ave, just north of Downtown Oklahoma City.

  • Carnegie Library - Guthrie, OK
  • USS Oklahoma Anchor - Oklahoma City, OK
  • Oscar Jacobson House - Norman, OK


Beneath a grave marker with the logo of the classic television show Mr. Ed, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a horse who portrayed the title character rests peacefully.

  • Black Wall Street in the Greenwood District - Tulsa, OK
  • Washington Irving Monument - Tulsa, OK
  • The Guardians of the Plains - Sapulpa, OK
  • The Million Dollar Elm - Pawhuska, OK
  • Jim Thorpe's House - Yale, OK
  • Mr. Ed's Grave - Tahlequah, OK
  • Boley Town - Boley, OK


Dual-sided Oklahoma Historical Marker on the south side of US 1-77, noting the career of ballerina, Rosella Hightower, one of five Native American ballerinas from Oklahoma.

  • Red River Bridge War - Colbert, OK
  • JFK Hwy Dedication - Big Cedar, OK
  • Rosella Hightower Ballerina - Dickson, OK
  • Boley Town - Boley, OK


A log cabin was the home of the nationally known Carry Nation and husband David. Carry worked in the church, sometimes preaching in her husband's stead. She would frequently load her buggy with bricks and go on her missions of smashing saloons.

  • Carry A. Nation Cabin - Leedey, OK
  • Clarence "Duckie" Nash - Watonga, OK


The Cutthroat Massacre site is approximately 2.5 miles east of this marker. In the early summer of 1833 the summer before "The Stars Fell" an Osage war party attacked an undefended Kiowa camp.

  • Cutthroat Gap Massacre - Roosevelt, OK
  • Native American Hall of Fame - Anadarko, OK