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A Special Message from OETA Leadership Regarding Donations
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Special Message from OETA Board of Directors Chair Garrett King and OETA Executive Director Polly Anderson.

We want to reassure our faithful OETA donors that we remain true to our commitment to deliver high quality, publicly accessible programs and services. With many of you, we are also disappointed we were forced to terminate our agreement with the Foundation. We attempted many times to find an amicable resolution with no success. After much consideration, our governing board acted to protect OETA and protect our donors. The matter is now in court after the Foundation filed a lawsuit last year. Even so, OETA moves forward with our pledge to continue unique programming to educate, enlighten and entertain. We appreciate the encouragement we’ve received from donors across this state who love OETA. From the depths of our hearts, thank you!


Garrett King and Polly Anderson

OETA has noted the questions many donors have asked. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What’s happening to the gifts I have already given to OETA Foundation, Inc. that I wanted to go towards support of OETA?

OETA expects the court to transfer your gifts to a new charity called Friends Of OETA, Inc. Friends Of OETA, Inc. is in the organizational phase but we are committed to honor any requested gift restrictions as part of complying with donor intent once the funds are under the new organization’s stewardship.

Will the Foundation still be fundraising for OETA?

Since OETA has ended its relationship with the Foundation, the Foundation will no longer provide financial support to OETA. You can click here to see the Resolution passed unanimously by OETA’s governing Board on 8-January-2019. Moving ahead, the Friends Of OETA, Inc. is the non-profit organization set up to support OETA and its public service mission.

My credit card/bank account is being charged by the Foundation for a recurring gift. Now that the Foundation is no longer affiliated with OETA do those gifts still go to OETA?

OETA expects the court to declare that the funds held by the Foundation be transferred to the new Friends Of  OETA, Inc. Soon donors will be able to redirect your donations to this new non-profit. OETA will provide more information after the OETA governing Board takes the appropriate action to authorize the new nonprofit in February as addressed in the next question. In the meantime, donor support is vital and OETA appreciates our donors now more than ever.   

How do I make a new charitable gift that I know will go to support OETA’s delivery of quality public media in Oklahoma?

The OETA Board of Directors is expected to authorize the seating of an independent governing board to lead Friends Of OETA, Inc. at its next meeting in late February. At that time, OETA will announce further details. Friends Of OETA, Inc. will be actively raising funds to support OETA and its mission in accordance with federal and state law.

OETA appreciates the generosity of many faithful donors who want to make immediate donations now to Friends Of OETA, Inc. The opportunity to donate to the Friends Of OETA, Inc. with the assurance that your gift will support OETA is forthcoming. As previously noted, the OETA governing Board is expected to authorize Friends Of OETA, Inc. to actively raise and steward funds on behalf of OETA in late February.