Mystery Science Theater 3000 Comes to OETA Fridays

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Comes to OETA Fridays

Posted by Chase Harvick on

Deploying its trademark wit at every turn, the quirky comedy series MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 finds a new home on OETA and turns some of the worst films ever made into marathons of laughter. 

Beloved for their sharp humor and campy style, the show features a motley crew on a distant space station who deliver gut-busting riffs on the cinematic missteps of yester-year. 

Series creator Joel Hodgson stars as Joel Robinson, a janitor who is forced to watch Hollywood's most notorious duds with a squad of snarky, sarcastic robots. 

Now, a collection of four classic episodes have made their way to OETA:

GUNSLINGERFriday April 10 at 9pm
A 1956 low-budget western.

MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATEFriday April 17 at 9pm
A 1966 horror film widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made.

THE UNEARTHLYFriday April 24 at 9pm
A 1957 horror film about a mad scientist who unwisely dabbles in human experimentation.

A 1961 sci-fi fantasy adventure.  

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