Essential Viewing for Racial Understanding

Essential Viewing to Better Understand Race, Racism & Injustice

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We realize that now, more than ever, stories and documentaries have the power to bring us closer together through education, understanding and enlightenment. As your public television station, we are proud to provide you with resources to better understand the history of race and racial injustice in our own backyard and across the nation. Below are a few programs or clips we’ve compiled. The list is not exhaustive and we’ll make updates as we find new content. Most of what’s here is free to stream. However, you may need OETA Passport, a member benefit, to access a few videos.

For our Black viewers, we stand with you. We hope these videos serve as a source of encouragement and an educational resource for effective protest & activism.

It is our sincere hope non-Black viewers will take time to watch a few clips, listen, share what you’ve learned and take action. 

Back in Time Civil Rights A look at the civil rights movement in Oklahoma.
Back in Time Langston University A look at the history of Langston University, Oklahoma’s Historically Black College.
OETA's A Conversation With... Clara Luper Clara Luper discusses the sit-ins, civil rights and her work as a leading social reformer.
OETA's A Conversation With... George Henderson George Henderson shares his compelling experience in the struggle for racial equality.
Independent Lens The First Rainbow Coalition Across lines of race and ethnicity, alliances formed among Chicago activists in the '60s.
America After Ferguson Full Episode Join a town hall meeting to explore complex issues surrounding Michael Brown’s death.
FRONTLINE A Class Divided One of FRONTLINE's most requested programs -- a teacher's lesson in discrimination.
Independent Lens Always in Season Always in Season is a haunting exploration of lynching and racial violence in America.
FRONTLINE Policing the Police How do you transform a troubled police department?
FRONTLINE The Tank Man 17 years later, what does he mean for a China that today is a global economic powerhouse?
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