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New Schedule Page Unveiled for
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OETA has upgraded its schedule page to include more options for viewers to receive programming notifications. The new schedule allows viewers to choose a tab, search by keyword and the ability to send and set episode reminders.

The NOW tab shows the current OETA programming schedule, DAY shows the daily schedule for each of the four channels (defaults to the main channel), WEEK shows the weekly schedule for each of the four channels (defaults to the main channel) and A to Z provides a comprehensive list of programming shown on OETA's four channels.

To search by keyword, use the SEARCH HERE box in the upper right corner of the page. Viewers may also change the date and time to see past and future programming by using the SKIP TO box in the header. 

By clicking on the show title, a new window opens that provides the episode description, additional air date information (if available), social and email sharing options and the ability to download a calendar reminder for Google, Yahoo, Live and iCal formats and have an email reminder sent for the episode.

Email reminders must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the air time or you will not receive the requested notification. If the air time has passed, users may click the next available air date under the additional air date information to schedule an email for that airing. Users may also access the description window by clicking an episode title in the A to Z list.

Click the images below for a more detailed view.

Image - OETA_Schedule.png

Image - OETA_Schedule_Description.png