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A Statement from Garrett King
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“OETA and its governing board have attempted in good faith to resolve the dispute with the OETA Foundation, Inc. amicably. Throughout this process we have conducted our negotiating approach with the interest of our wonderful donors and faithful viewers foremost in mind at all times.

It is unfortunate that the Foundation has decided that the court is the best place to resolve this dispute.

Please be assured: we value our donors, viewers, and employees and we believe they deserve openness, accountability and the confidence that their generous donations are being stewarded appropriately for their intended purpose to support the public service and educational mission of OETA.

While we prefer negotiation over litigation time will show that the facts are on our side.  We believe quality public and educational television in Oklahoma is a mission worthy of being defended.

OETA is truly grateful to our donors and the people of Oklahoma for their support as we respond to this unprovoked and unfortunate activity.”


—Garrett King, Chair of the Board of Directors (Monday, December 10, 2018)