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Increase the impact of your support for the programs you love with an annual gift of $500 to $999. Your contribution ensures the stability of OETA and helps foster a more informed and inspired Oklahoma.



Invest in the quality programs you love. With annual contributions of $1,000-$2,499, you will lead in supporting a remarkable resource that enriches the lives of 3.85 million Oklahomans.



Make the commitment to support the television you value. Your contribution of $2,500-$4,999 shows you support the inherent promise and critical mission of OETA. Your vision and generosity ensures the financial stability necessary to continue the innovation and excellence in content and services that impact all Oklahomans and strengthen our statewide community.



OETA has been recognized by Oklahomans as one of the state’s most trusted resources (2013 OU Poll). On-Air support for OETA enhances your company or organization.  To learn more about the benefits of a partnership with OETA, call BJ Wexler at 405.848.8501 or e-mail

"OETA makes our community stronger, more informed and culturally richer."

 - David & Susannah, Lawton