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Supporting OETA as a Major Donor is a community investment that produces rich cultural and educational rewards. You can help us build a lasting legacy of enlightenment that will touch the hearts and minds of thousands of children and adults throughout the community.


OETA’s Fulfilling the Dream Campaign will help fund the type of new and creative, informative, and inspiring programming and outreach necessary to connect Oklahomans to a lifetime of learning and discovery.  OETA is committed to creating more knowledgeable, civically engaged and productive citizens of all ages. 


Through the OETA Fulfilling the Dream Campaign: 


Children will have enhanced pre-school learning opportunities.


All citizens will have increased content and access to Oklahoma news, public affairs, arts, history and culture.


More than 15,000 educators will have elevated learning resources through utilization of classroom ready digital learning media.


Future generations will be ensured with the necessary outreach to connect ALL Oklahomans to lifetime learning.


To learn more about OETA’s Fulfilling the Dream Campaign, contact Daphne Dowdy at 405.848.8501 or e-mail

"OETA makes our community stronger, more informed and culturally richer."

 - David & Susannah, Lawton