O.U. hikes Tuition Rates because of Budget Cuts

Posted by Bob Sands on

It will cost University of Oklahoma students 7 percent more in tuition and fees to attend classes this fall. The University estimates that will offset about a third of the $35-million dollar budget cut they took for fiscal year 2017 which begins July 1st. Other cost savings will come from voluntary retirements, salary cuts of 3 percent for top leaders and not replacing people when they leave.

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Former Senate leader headed to Prison

Posted by Bob Sands on

Former Sen. President Pro Temp Mike Morgan will now spend 18 months behind bars for taking bribes. Morgan's original sentence of probation was seen as too light by federal prosecutors who sought and got a re-sentencing hearing. Morgan has to surrender to federal prison on July 21st.

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Oklahoma Unemployment continues to increase

Posted by Bob Sands on

State lawmakers used to brag about Oklahoma's low unemployment rate. Last month that rate came in at 4.7 percent tied with the national rate. The number of jobless is up by 10,000 workers with more than 7,000 dropping out of the work force. The bright spot for workers were job increases in education and health services and the construction industry.

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