Oklahoma prisons, Crumbling and Overcrowded

Posted by Bob Sands on

Those are the words used by the newly hired interim director of the Oklahoma Corrections Department. Joe Allbaugh, a long time political operative, says guards are underpaid and understaffed, morale is low and the state is not ready to handle a projected increase in the number of inmates.

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More budget cuts for state government

Posted by Bob Sands on

State agencies will find out next week how much more money will be taken from their current budgets as the revenue failure has worsened. The latest figures show the money following to the state's General Revenue Fund missed the estimate for January by 17.2 percent which translates to a shortfall of $105.5 million.

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Pressure builds on lawmakers to address ongoing earthquakes

Posted by Bob Sands on

So far this year, Oklahoma has already had more than 90 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater. While state government has done little so far to address the problem two bills have now been introduced to address the Corporation Commissions power to force injector wells to shut down and require local school districts to develop earthquake emergency response plans.

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