AG Pruitt steps into prayer and sports at public schools

Posted by Bob Sands on

In a formal legal opinion Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt says a new policy prohibiting public prayer at playoff events is overly broad. The policy was put in place by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association.

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Halliburton offering deals to settle pollution suit

Posted by Bob Sands on

Halliburton is moving to settle up with as many people as possible over lawsuits involving the companies acknowledged pollution of water wells in Duncan. The pollution involved ammonium perchlorate which was from spent rocket fuel the company burned in open pits for decades. 83 people who sued the company have so far agreed to the deal.

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Jim Thorpe's body will remain in Pennsylvania

Last Updated by Bob Sands on

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from the son's of Jim Thorpe and Indian tribes to remove the remains of Jim Thorpe from Pennsylvania. The justices left in place a court order that Thorpe's remains stay in the town that bears his name.

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