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This Week on OETA

Wednesday, March 11

7:00pm Skinny Gut Vibrant You with Brenda Watson

9:00pm 50s & 60s Rock Rewind

11:00pm Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo: 35th Anniversary

Thursday, March 12

7:00pm Motown 25

9:00pm Brit Floyd -- Live at Red Rocks

10:30pm Deepak Chopra: The Future of God

Friday, March 13

7:00pm ONR

7:30pm My Music: Moments to Remember

10:00pm This is Your Do-Over with Dr. Michael Roizen

Saturday, March 14

7:00am The Fear Cure with Lissa Rankin, MD

8:30am Sewing with Nancy: Sew Amazing Scarves

10:00am Skinny Gut Vibrant You with Brenda Watson

12:00pm Don't Worry, Retire Happy with Tom Hegna

1:30pm Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet 

3:00pm Brainchange with David Perlmutter, MD

4:30pm Victor Borge's Timeless Comedy!

5:00pm Big Band Years

7:00pm Best of Daniel O'Donnell Music & Memories

8:30pm John Denver: Country Boy

10:00pm Joe Bonamassa: Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks

11:30pm Rick Steves' Europe: Remote, Sacred, Wild

Sunday, March 15

7:00am Joel Harper's Firming After 50

8:00am JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Secret

9:30am Aging Backwards with Miranda Esmonde-White

10:30am 30 Days to a Younger Heart with Dr. Steven Masley, MD

12:00pm Dr. Fuhrman's End Dieting Forever

1:30pm Suze Orman's Financial Solutions

3:30pm Aging Backwards with Miranda Esmonde-White

4:30pm Rick Steves' Dynamic Europe: Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin

6:30pm Bee Gees: One Night Only

8:00pm 50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary