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Teaching Students When Life Begins

Posted by Bob Sands on

High School students would have to be told that life begins at conception under a bill approved today by a House sub-committee. Rep. Ann Coody's bill would also require schools to include details about how a fetus develops.

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PBS LearningMedia Launches Election Central

Posted by Cassie Gage on

As part of the overarching PBS Election 2016 initiative, PBS announced today additional details about ELECTION CENTRAL, an online destination of election-related resources and content with age-appropriate, thoughtfully curated information to teach K-12 students about the political process.

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O.U. is Cutting Its Budget

Posted by Bob Sands on

$20-million is being cut from the budget of the University of Oklahoma. The cuts will be achieved by early retirement buyouts for faculty and staff which will impact about 400 people. Other positions will be eliminated and department budgets cuts will include decreases in purchases and travel.

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