A Special Country Music Festival for Special Oklahomans

A Special Country Music Festival for Special Oklahomans

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What inspired this story?
We found out that Wade Hayes, a big time national country singer has been coming back to meet and entertain the people in the small community, he grew up in. We wanted to know what was behind his inspiration for doing so.


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Starting with music as a child and continuing to stardom is a unique journey for all his family.  Wade’s family has always been into music. He literally sits on the shoulders of past generations.  His great grandfather and grandfather were musicians. Wade's father also a musician continues to live in Bethel Acres. 


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Now, Wade is a successful country musician in his own right.  He returns over and over again to give back with this hometown festival as a tribute to the past and present residents of his beloved Bethel Acres.


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Watch his story here: That’s the way love goes: Aired on 7/10/2010


Find Wade on www.wadehayes.com

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